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Introducing a Mental Health Prevention Program for Crew, by former Crew member Sarah Kroker. Having experienced life-changing situations on board, Sarah understands the challenges firsthand and the importance of having the right tools to prevent spiraling.

Sarah's mission is to assist fellow Crew members by equipping them with the necessary tools to effectively navigate any situation.

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Prioritize the Mental Well-being of Your Crew, Just Like You Do for Your Yacht Maintenance!

Your Benefits:

  • Enhanced Performance: A mentally healthy crew performs better, leading to smoother operations and an improved yachting experience for owners and guests

  • Safety and Security: Mental health issues can affect focus, decision-making, and overall alertness, potentially compromising the safety and security of your yacht. A mentally resilient crew ensures a secure and worry-free environment.
  • Reduced Downtime: Crew members struggling with mental health problems may require time off or experience decreased productivity. By investing in their mental well-being, you minimize the risk of disruptions and downtime.
  • Team Cohesion: A mentally healthy crew fosters better teamwork, communication, and cooperation, creating a positive onboard atmosphere that enhances the overall experience for everyone on board.
  • Retention and Recruitment: Prioritizing crew mental health demonstrates your commitment to their well-being, making your yacht an attractive workplace for talented professionals and improving crew retention rates.

"Meet Sarah: A World Traveler Turned Yachting Industry Expert and Founder of the Mind-tenance Checklist"

Sarah's journey began in Germany, where she grew up by the picturesque North Sea. At the age of 14, she developed a strong desire to explore the world, and as soon as she turned 21, she set out on her adventures. Sarah's love for travel led her to work as a Cultural Representative at Walt Disney World in Florida, igniting her passion even further. After exploring Germany, Canada, and the United States, she found her calling in the yachting industry in 2016.

Working on yachts allowed Sarah to combine her love for travel, the water, and a unique lifestyle. It was an incredible experience. However, when the Covid pandemic struck, her yachting career came to an abrupt halt, and she was forced to return to Germany due to travel restrictions. Sarah had to adapt to a land-based lifestyle, managing two restaurants and forming a meaningful relationship with her boyfriend. In July 2021, she had the opportunity to return to the industry she loved, but the dynamics had changed. Balancing her family life and yacht work became challenging.

Motivated by the well-being of yacht crew members and recognizing the importance of maintaining solid mental health for all, Sarah made a pivotal decision. In January 2022, she took a leap of faith and established her own recruitment agency. Soon after, she realized that many individuals in the industry were struggling with maintaining their mental well-being. This realization led Sarah to create the Mind-tenance Checklist—a comprehensive prevention program designed to support and nurture solid mental health.

Join Sarah on her mission to ensure the well-being of yacht crew members. Discover the transformative power of the Mind-tenance Checklist—a program dedicated to safeguarding your mental health and fostering a thriving environment for all.

Known from:

Relieve the Silent Struggles: 

Unlock the Potential of a Thriving Crew with the Mind-tenance Checklist.


Another Benefit:

Alleviate Stress and Burnout: Yacht crew members often face high-pressure environments and demanding schedules, leading to increased stress and burnout. The Mind-tenance Checklist equips them with essential tools to manage stress, enhance resilience, and maintain optimal mental well-being, ensuring a happier and more productive crew.