My approach to Holistic Coaching

Elevate Your Life with Holistic Coaching

Ready to embark on a transformative journey that nurtures every facet of your being? My holistic coaching approach is here to guide you toward a life of balance, vitality, and authentic well-being.

Imagine a coaching experience that doesn't just focus on one area of your life, but embraces your entire self – mind, body, and spirit. Our holistic coaching goes beyond surface-level fixes, delving deep to uncover the root causes of challenges and helping you cultivate lasting change.


With my holistic coaching, you'll:

  • Unlock Your Full Potential: Break free from limitations and step into your true potential. My coaching approach empowers you to harness your strengths and overcome obstacles.
  • Create Wholesome Balance: Discover how to harmonize your mind, body, and spirit. Say goodbye to stress, fatigue, and burnout, and embrace a life that's truly aligned.
  • Nurture Authentic Well-Being: Experience a sense of profound well-being that radiates from within. My holistic coaching addresses not just your external goals, but your inner fulfillment.
  • Foster Lasting Change: I´m not about quick fixes; I am about sustainable transformation. My coaching equips you with tools to create meaningful, lifelong change.


Are you ready to embrace a holistic coaching journey that revitalizes your entire life? Let's connect and embark on this incredible path of growth, healing, and empowered living.

Your holistic transformation starts now.

Small Dip

Think of it as a refreshing dip into a calm, clear lake. It offers you the chance to address some of your current challenges and experience initial positive changes in your life. You're gently introduced to the world of coaching and provided with support to tackle your goals.


  • Quick Assessment
  • A quick Coaching Session, depending on Situation (1,5hr - 2hrs)
  • Access to Online Course
  • Instant Change Session

just 150 EUR

excluding VAT

Scuba Dive Bundle

Now you're diving into deeper waters. Similar to exploring a vibrant coral reef while scuba diving, this bundle allows you to delve deeper into your personal development. You receive customized tools and resources to address long-term changes and unlock your full potential.


  • Assessment of your current Situation & Goal Setting
  • Scuba Dive Coaching, tailored to your needs
  • Free Access to the Online Course
  • Instant Change Session

only 499 EUR
excluding VAT

Deep Dive Bundle

Picture a bold dive into the depths of the ocean. With this bundle, you're getting to the core of your goals, dreams, and challenges. It offers intensive, comprehensive guidance for profound transformations. Just like exploring uncharted seabeds, you discover hidden potentials and reshape your life.


  • Assessment of your current Situation & Goal Setting
  • Deep Dive Coaching, tailored to your needs
  • Free Access to the Online Course
  • 3 Instant Change Sessions

only 1899 EUR
excluding VAT

Sarah is an incredibly gifted individual, after a career in yachting she is now shorebased and applying her experience of working in the industry to provide deeply intuitive and healing holistic coaching services to Superyacht Crew.  
Sarah’s approach is intensely professional and I immediately felt able to both trust, and embrace her methods. 
I first had an Oracle Reading with Sarah in this spring, and more recently she took me through a Holistic Coaching Session during a very difficult week, after a family bereavement. I almost cancelled as I thought I was too busy, too stressed and too overwhelmed, thank goodness I heeded Sarah’s gentle but insistent encouragement,to take the time to stop and focus on myself. 
During the session Sarah connected to me on a soul level, providing guidance and healing and she worried to clear my aura … (it turns out mine was pretty depleted) to see what my soul needed and pass on guidance, wisdom and messages that I needed to hear. 
 If this all sounds a bit “out there” for you, 
I would urge you to reconsider and open your mind to embracing Sarah’s deeply intuitive guidance and support. 
There is much we do not know about ourselves, healing from stress, burnout and the pressures of a working life in the Superyacht industry, is not addressed and resolved when approached at a just “skin deep level”. A much deeper approach is needed, each client Sarah works with is approached and assessed as an individual, which each coaching session tailored to address their immediate and future needs.  
I found both sessions exceptionally helpful and insightful, Sarah very accurately and quickly identifying the areas that I needed to work on. I was left with a feeling of deep calm and a huge reduction in anxiety and overwhelm, as well as some very helpful guidance and support.
I would wholeheartedly encourage Superyacht crew to seek out Sarah’s services as a very powerful support and antidote to coping with a working life in a much loved but high stress and demanding industry.

Emma Bagget
Founder and CEO of The OM


I had a wonderful session with Sarah, she explained what the process was going to be and I felt relaxed and calm. After the mediation session, Sarah did an in-depth connection which I was not expecting. Some of her feedback was really spot on regarding my father and his presence. She also explained my inner child which also stuck a point.

By the end of our session I was really in shock that Sarah had brought forward points that I was truly feeling deep down in my soul. At the same time I also felt sad and happy. Sarah has definately helped me with my affirmation and the alignment Technique.

I would with out a doubt recommend Holistic Coaching with Sarah, and I can’t wait to connect again.

Roxx Oschmann
Chief Stew