From Personal Struggles to Empowering Transformation: Sarahs Story

From Personal Struggles to Empowering Transformation: Sarahs Story

Today, I want to share my story and my WHY. Why did I create an online course focused on the prevention of mental health issues?

I used to work on yachts, sailing the seas until Covid struck, altering the course of my life. In the face of uncertainty, I decided to open my own crewing agency. However, it didn't take long for me to realize that my true calling was to help yacht crew stabilize their mental health. This realization sparked a deep passion within me, and I embarked on a journey to create an online course dedicated to preventing mental health issues.

My journey began with a heartbreaking encounter. During a lunch break while day working on a 112' Westport in FFL, I received a text from a friend. The message delivered devastating news - my dear friend Dana had been tragically struck by a drunk driver and, just a few days later, passed away at the young age of 23. It was my first experience with news that challenged me in a profound way.

The next blow came when my aunt lost her battle with cancer. I was in between boats, back home in Germany. Though we knew her prognosis was grim, she clung to the hope of going on vacation in a few months. I was flown into Nice for a day to interview for a chef's position on a boat. Despite securing the job, we agreed that I would start only after visiting my aunt. Our last meeting took place in Amsterdam, where I witnessed her deteriorating health. Emotions surged within me, but back then, I was an ice block, unable to express my true feelings. I buried my emotions deep within, a self-protective shield. The painful truth was that I couldn't show any emotions, whether happiness or sorrow. I became a robot within a human shell. Others noticed the change, but no one spoke up. A few days later, my aunt passed away, and I attended her funeral. It was there, in that moment of grief, that I collapsed. All the emotions I had buried suddenly burst forth.

Returning to the boat in SOF, I was not well. I functioned, I performed my duties, but I was not excelling. My boss expressed dissatisfaction with my performance, and unknowingly, I sabotaged myself. The pressure mounted, compounding my struggles. Eventually, I left the boat, convincing myself that it wasn't the right fit.

Instead of confronting my grief and inner turmoil, I embarked on a party marathon in Antibes. It became my coping mechanism, though far from the healthiest choice.

But life had more encounters in store for me. At the beginning of 2020, while in a remote location in the Bahamas with spotty wifi, a text from my father reached me: "Call me ASAP!!!" My parents, after 35 years together, had separated. As an adult, one might think the pain would be less, but it was quite the opposite. I found myself uncontrollably crying, with my boss on board and everyone cautiously tiptoeing around me, unsure of what to say or do. Well, I was unsure too, as I had to continue working as the chef. But as you can imagine, lucky you, you could hide away in the galley. Not me. I worked on a Sunreef 80 with an open floor plan, the galley positioned in the salon. Everyone witnessed my struggles; I was not well. I barely recall the rest of the boss's trip, except for drowning my sorrows in alcohol on the day of departure.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because I intimately understand the challenges of working on a boat, being far away from home, and grappling with life-altering situations. I managed to turn my own life around by exploring various techniques and gaining self-awareness. Helping others is ingrained in my DNA, and as I learned more about crew members struggling mentally or tragically taking their own lives, I knew I had to take action.

That's why I created an online course that offers easily implementable techniques for managing stress and preventing mental health issues. I designed it with the daily struggles of yacht crew in mind because I have lived through those challenges myself. Some of these techniques are found in traditional coaching practices, as they have been proven to reduce stress levels. But I went a step further and included methods to control your thoughts and strengthen resilience while fostering better communication on board.

Through my own experiences and continuous personal growth, I have acquired various trainings in different fields, including mental training. I am equipped to support you in many ways. If you're interested in one-on-one guidance, please don't hesitate to reach out. Additionally, I now offer individual subscriptions to the online course. You can start with a 2-week trial, and afterward, it's only 5.95 € per month. Consider it an investment in yourself, similar to a Netflix subscription, but one that will help you develop your mental resilience, manage stress, and become the best version of yourself.

"Healing doesn't mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives."

Start your healing journey today and sign up for the online course. It will benefit you in countless ways.

Remember, you are not alone. Together, let's navigate the path towards mental well-being.



Sarah Kroker

Sarah Kroker, a dedicated and experienced former Yacht Crew member, fully understands and empathizes with the immense challenges that come with juggling exhausting 18-hour work days. Moreover, she comprehends the difficulties of fostering harmonious relationships amongst the crew members, managing unexpected and life-altering situations, and, most importantly, radiating positivity and maintaining a cheerful demeanor throughout it all. Acknowledging the crucial significance of mental well-being, Sarah has taken it upon herself to create a comprehensive online course exclusively designed for Yacht Crew members. This meticulously crafted course aims to provide unwavering support, enabling Yacht Crew to safeguard their mental health and effortlessly conquer any and all stressful situations that may arise within their demanding profession.

Navigating the Waves of Life: Join Our Online Course for Preventing Mental Health Issues and Thriving Aboard

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