From Personal Struggles to Empowering Transformation: Sarahs Story

Today, I want to share my story and my WHY. Why did I create an online course focused on the prevention of mental health issues? I used to work on yachts, sailing the seas until Covid struck, altering…

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Setting Sail Towards Mental Wellness: Empowering Yacht Crew for a Brighter Future

In the vast expanse of the open seas, the yachting industry offers breathtaking adventures and unparalleled experiences. But beyond the glamour lies a reality that often goes unseen. Yacht crew member…

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Sarah Kroker

Sarah Kroker, a dedicated and experienced former Yacht Crew member, fully understands and empathizes with the immense challenges that come with juggling exhausting 18-hour work days. Moreover, she comprehends the difficulties of fostering harmonious relationships amongst the crew members, managing unexpected and life-altering situations, and, most importantly, radiating positivity and maintaining a cheerful demeanor throughout it all. Acknowledging the crucial significance of mental well-being, Sarah has taken it upon herself to create a comprehensive online course exclusively designed for Yacht Crew members. This meticulously crafted course aims to provide unwavering support, enabling Yacht Crew to safeguard their mental health and effortlessly conquer any and all stressful situations that may arise within their demanding profession.

Navigating the Waves of Life: Join Our Online Course for Preventing Mental Health Issues and Thriving Aboard

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